Killing people

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Killing people is not the way to stop people killing people.


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Oh dear…I can’t spell! This site is called Piranha Trust – as in the fish with big teeth. Until today, I had spelt it Pirahna. As in nearly a fish with big teeth, but not quite. In this post beloved word press comes up with a spell check error, to warn me I’m making a fatal mistake. But not on the title. No, no! Titles are public displays of misspent English classes and wasted education. Luckily I hadn’t mentioned the fish yet, so my title was just modern creative.

I bought a hybrid.

Finally a beautiful, guilt free travel mobile that saves the world kilometre by kilometre. I called her the ‘Ice Queen’. She’s helping the icebergs – well sort of (well not really) – and she’s pure white with shinny silver trims. Actually she’s very posh and has all the mod coms my old turtle was lacking. Air bags, blue tooth, rear view camera. You name it, the Ice Queens got it. So now I travel in luxury. A middle class ‘made it’ with the world’s welfare in the centre of my view…

and then yesterday I changed energy companies.

I feel a bit bad. I used to pay a little extra for green power. Wind and sun. But at the shopping centre yesterday there was a big sign next to a stand saying 25% off your energy bill. 25%??? That’s huge. So I switched to this new company who doesn’t do green power. I discovered with a touch of indignation and perhaps some shame, that I will only afford to pay for guilt free offsets when it suits me.

Self professed and now confessed hypocrite.

I’m not going to change my mind about the good of Eco initiatives. I’ll still pester my friends with stats on what our activities are doing to the planet. I’ll still recycle my packaging and turn off the lights. But I just needed to get it off my chest. This hippy is a hypocrite.

Choose your own adventure…

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I’ve hit a real block. I’ve got this thing that’s bugging me. I start every sentence with ‘I’.

I want you to think that I’m better than I am. I’m hoping you’ll think that I’m humble. And smart and savvy and special too. Most of all I want you to think that it’s not all about me.

But it is all about me.

Everything is about me. Every idea or thought starts with me. I have a stack of drafts in the back of this site and I can’t publish them. I’m paranoid. I think this, I’ve done that, I want something. When I’m not talking about I, I’m talking about me. I’m very transparent.

I spoke to a dear friend of mine and told her my problem. The big blocker.  “I can’t post because all I can write about is me. I don’t want to write about me and even if I did want to write about me, I want to find words to use instead of I and me”. She was driving and didn’t turn to look at me. “But that’s what we do best” she replied with a ‘don’t you get it’ laugh. The penny dropped. I can only be about me, my experience and my opinion, because that’s all I have.

Looks like your stuck with me xo

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I have just experienced a disappointingly sad side to humanity. Not to overblow it, nothing bad actually happened. But what did happen made me realise that people can easily act without thinking – without caring. Last weekend we shuffled off to the 2013 Zombie March. We’ve been preparing for months. It’s a horrible artistic public extravaganza. If you haven’t heard of it, search on Zombie Shuffle and see what comes up. The photos are unreal. I love everything it stands for – except weirdly – the gore.

So I dressed up my 2 year old little girl in her prettiest peasant dress, darkened her little blue eyes with just a faint smear of black kryolan and dripped the obligatory blood out of one side of her mouth. Yes, she looked very cute and she attracted a lot of attention. Much more than was warranted. There’s no harm in taking a few photos. Admittedly we were dressed as freaks in the city, so clearly we were asking for photos to be taken. But when my little girl started crying and I picked her up out of the stroller, I was devastated – no disgusted – to find cameras clicking away in her face. The photographers didn’t see that she was crying, though it was hardly something you could miss. They didn’t think, or maybe they just didn’t care. I stuck a protective hand out into the lenses, in the paparazzi style I’ve always wished I was famous enough to warrant!

So it’s no big deal right? No one is hurt, no-one goes hungry. I’m just another grumpy mum? But this wouldn’t have happened 15 years ago. Before people started viewing everything, and seeing nothing, through a camera.

This is a little scary? I don’t think I’ve ever blogged before…well if you don’t count a couple of posts on MySpace. Actually I struggle to post a line on Facebook. Something old-fashioned in my head about publishing. I self censor. I waste time editing and re-editing a post that’s just saying ‘hi’. This really looks like publishing. This looks serious and scary.

I’m reading the Icarus Deception by Seth Godin at the moment. I’m going out on a limb here, but it’s the best book I’ve ever read… and I have read quite a bit. So the idea behind the Icarus Deception is that we should get out of our comfort zone and make Art. I love Art. I actually considered myself to be an artist – until I read this book. The truth is I’m paralysed by education, ego, laziness and a ridiculous notion that before I can ‘do’ anything, I must be right…must be cool…must have permission.

So here I am creating a dangerous space for the generation of ideas. Without permission and sorry to disappoint, but I doubt it’s going to be cool. If I come up with something interesting, I like I might take it further. I might make something. Either way the fact that someone could read this, could dedicate a few minutes of their life to this little blog, means I must be honest and thoughtful, or thought provoking.